Expert Interior Design Services

Fenwick House Designs in Nantucket, MA, offers a variety of quality interior design services. With emphasis on year-round work, we have the ability to oversee projects from inception to completion. We offer an extensive collection where clients can select the most current fabrics, trimmings, carpets, lighting, and indoor and outdoor furniture.

We specialize in consultation, space planning, furniture layout, furniture and fabric selection, window treatments, kitchen and bathroom design, custom cabinetry, lighting plans, custom carpets, and decorative painting.

Along with the Boston Design Center and the Designers and Decorators Building in New York City, we have extensive resources for antiques, custom fabrics, custom furniture, stone, tiles, and cabinetry on and off island. We have established a long working relationship with local craftsmen who are responsive and produce results. Working closely with our clients, we make sure our clients’ desires are realized.

In addition to our notable interior designs for home and commercial applications, Fenwick House Designs has won the 2002 Best Sailing Yacht Interior for soft goods and was featured in Showboat International magazine for the same project. We can expertly handle yacht interior design project no matter where your yacht is located.

Contact us at 508-325-6710 for a free consultation on our interior design services